Workers and Students

Tiers 2, 4 and 5 of the Points Based System provide strict rules for workers and students. Whilst the system brings a degree of predictability with that comes a very unforgiving approach by decision makers. The solicitors at McGill & Co know from experience that successfully resolving visa applications under these categories or assisting clients who have received adverse decisions requires a keen eye for the rules and precise technical knowledge. 

We have a high degree of success in resolving applications for workers and students, primarily because we know the important of the rules to these cases and the need to be absolutely precise in our approach. We also take a considered strategic approach to our work; ensuring clients have a reliable road map for their future immigration plans, such as transitioning from study to work in the UK. Our wide client base amongst licensed sponsors also provides a fuller understanding of the regulatory structure and the importance of accurate, compliant documentation from a sponsor.