Family Migration

The Immigration Rules, primarily through Appendix FM (Family Members) provide for the family of UK citizens and settled persons to join them here. Appendix FM, along with some residual categories contained Part 8 of the Immigration Rules, regulate a variety of matters, including what family members are permitted to migrate to the UK, whether it is necessary for the sponsoring family member to show a particular financial position, and how long a family member must remain in the UK subject to immigration control before they can acquire permanent residence. 

The rules provide for fiancés, spouses, civil partners and cohabiting partners to migrate to the UK. They also allow for children and in limited cases elderly dependent relatives to migrate with their family. 

McGill & Co has a busy and highly efficient family migration practice. Our solicitors have assisted many people to successfully bring their family together in the UK. The success of applications is primarily connected to the quality of evidence and close adherence to the rules. We are extremely skilled at ensuring compliance with the rules and a smooth, hassle free experience for our clients. We recognise that family matters often involve additional factors such as housing and school when relocating and understand the emotional component when family members are involved. We provide early, clear advice on the law, with close support during the application process.