Employers sponsoring overseas talent

Employers wishing to engage workers from overseas must obtain a Sponsorship Licence from the Home Office. Once acquired the licence permits the employer to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to potential employees to allow them to acquire the necessary visa to work in the UK.

Obtaining a licence involves a detailed submission to the Home Office, and entails ongoing compliance duties once acquired. The solicitors at McGill & Co have successfully acquired licences for a large number of companies, from small start-ups to major multinationals, providing ongoing audit and compliance support once the licence is acquired. 

We understand the importance of overseas talent to businesses in the UK. We provide practical and reliable advice to meet our client’s needs and provide advice through the process of sourcing and engaging employees from abroad. 

Sponsor Licences currently support three primary types of engagement, Tier 2 (General), Tier 2 (Intra-Company) and Tier 5. Work under Tier 2 is primarily in skilled, professional roles. The Intra-Company route allows global businesses to transfer existing key staff to the UK, whilst the General route is for new recruits to a UK business. Tier 5 provides a number of useful sub-categories, designed for shorter term engagements in the creative field, sport and religion. Tier 5 also caters for the Youth Mobility programme, Government authorised Schemes and International Agreements which permit specific activities.

Sponsor Licensing is primarily regulated through publish policy guidance. Our many years of experience in this field and regular liaison with Home Office Compliance Officers, the Business and Sponsor Unit and Policy team allows us to deftly navigate this technical area and provide clear direct advice to clients. 

We are also able to confidently deal with issue which may arise, such as the suspension or revocation of a licence, and have successfully challenged decisions, negotiated with the Home Office and resolved difficult situations for sponsoring organisations.