Updated Home Office Guidance on British Citizenship Registration under Section 4C of the British Nationality Act 1981

Further to yesterday's post about the case of the Advocate General for Scotland v Romein [2018] UKSC 6, we can confirm that the Home Office have updated their guidance on section 4C registrations for children of British citizen mothers.

The following passage has been inserted in to their guidance:

Persons born between 1 January 1949 – 1 January 1983

Where you are considering whether a person who was born outside the UK between 1 January 1949 – 31 December 1982 (inclusive) to a British mother you must disregard the requirement that their birth must have been registered with a UK consulate in the 12 month period after their birth.

This change is listed in their update log as a simple “Clarification on the application of Section 4C(3A) of the British Nationality Act 1981”.

No mention at all of the Romein case or the Supreme Court judgment going against them, and no recognition of the fact that many cases such as Ms Romein's may have been wrongly decided in the past! 


John Vassiliou

John Vassiliou has worked with McGill and Co since 2010. His experience covers all aspects of UK immigration law, British nationality law, European Union law, the Refugee Convention, and the European Convention on Human Rights.