Steps for an entry clearance application

Consultations for applications for entry for a partner are one of the most common at out firm. Below is a helpful guide for the steps that the process entails:

  1. As with all applications, the first step is always to check for eligibility under the rules. There are specific requirements as to finances, accommodation, English language and relationship, the most stringent being those relating to finances. The group of rules that deal with applications of this type are called Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. 
  2. Documents gathering - to evidence the qualification under the rules, documentation of a specific type and format are required. The precise documentation will vary according to the income source relied upon. The various categories of evidence are explained within another part of the Immigration Rules known as Appendix FM-SE. 
  3. Form filling - there are two forms to fill. One is online and the other is on a paper form. 
  4. Application submission - the timing of this is important. The documents submitted must be within 28 days of the date of the online submission. At this juncture, the applicant also has to select the appointment for enrolling their biometrics information at a local visa application center of choice. 
  5.  Biometrics – attendance at the visa application center. Some places require the applicant to lodge all of the documents whilst other require the applicant to post the documents to a different address (commonly Sheffield in the UK).
  6. If submission is required by post then the documents must be sent within a certain time frame after enrollment of biometrics. Again, the timing varies from country to country. 
  7. Courier return - some places offer a way to purchase courier return for the documents to be returned. Quite a handy feature. Other options are to collect the package of documents upon decision. 
  8. Possible interview – they can interview the applicant or their partner with regards to intentions or anything else they wish to query on the form. This is to my knowledge done by telephone, not face to face. 
  9. Decision – they will intimate this by email (they only mention a decision is made, not what the decision is). Once the package arrives/collected then the decision is contained within. 
  10. Travel – travel within the 30 days endorsed within a vignette on your passport for a partner visa. For fiance/fiancee visas, the full period granted for 6 months is endorsed within the passport. 
  11. UK – collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the post office within 10 days of arrival in the UK or before the vignette expires, whichever is later. The BRP confirms the full visa duration of 33 months. 

If you require specific advise in relation to your circumstances, then please use the contact tab on our page or email me directly. 


Amna Ashraf

Amna Ashraf has worked for McGill and Co since 2011 and currently holds post as a solicitor. She has developed considerable experience in family immigration matters and holds a very high success rate owing to her meticulous attention to detail and tenacious approach.