Processes and procedures for EEA Applications - New Guidance

Newly published guidance for Home Office staff was issued on 30th August in respect of the processes and procedures for EEA documentation applications. It has been updated and redesigned to reflect the new processes and contains an important new section on requests to expedite applications already submitted.

Applicants may contact the Home Office directly, or may ask their MP or a minister to make enquiries on their behalf. When submitting a request for a case to be expedited, you must include the following information:

• full name

• date of birth

• date of application

• Royal Mail Recorded Delivery number (if applicable)

• method of payment used when making the application (card, cheque etc)

• case ID or Home Office (HO) reference (if known)

• date of planned removal (if applicable) .

There may be exceptional, compelling circumstances that would merit an application being expedited and requests are normally considered by the senior assessment officers. Examples of grounds which could be considered exceptional, compelling circumstances include:

• family emergencies such as bereavement or serious illness

• the need to travel for essential medical treatment overseas

In all cases, documentary evidence of the exceptional, compelling circumstances must be provided.

Family celebrations such as weddings and holidays are not generally considered exceptional, compelling ‘family emergencies’ which would merit expediting an application.

The application cannot be considered until the applicant has enrolled their biometrics.