Tier 1 Investors and Brexit

Following the UK's decision to leave the EU and the continued state of uncertainty constitutionally, financially and politically, it is little wonder that there are so many questions regarding the future of Immigration in the UK especially for Tier 1 Investors.

Given the market volatility , Tier 1 investors need to be cautious about the value of their investments as failure to take appropriate steps could result in the refusal of any future applications for extension or permanent residence and for family dependants.

For those who hold investor visas under the pre November 2014 rules ie: investment level at £1m sterling, investment values must be closely monitored as you are required to maintain the level of invested funds at £1m of which 75% must be invested in UK bonds / shares or loan capital in UK trading companies. If the market value of those investments drops, it must be topped up by the next reporting period be that monthly or quarterly.

For those investors who hold visas issued post November 2014 ie : investment level at £2m sterling, then whilst the top up requirement does not apply nevertheless, if you decide to sell all or some of your investment(s), you must ensure that the gross proceeds are re-invested in qualifying investments in full.