New Form AN for Naturalisation Causes Confusion

Yesterday (20 July 2016) the Home Office updated their form for application for naturalisation as a British citizen.  The newly published Form AN contained a statement that was potentially very significant for EEA nationals buried on page 29 of 30:

Please Note: 

Whilst the submission of a document certifying permanent residence or a permanent residence card is not mandatory, failure to submit one may lead to delays in reaching a decision on your application. 

This was a cause for much excitement for EEA nationals and practitioners, as it appeared to be a drastic change in policy.  Since 12 November 2015, all EEA nationals have been required to include a document certifying that they are permanently resident in the UK with their applications.  As many already know, this entails completion and submission of an 85 page form, payment of £65, and waiting times of upwards of 6 months in some cases.  

Sadly, the excitement was short-lived, and today the Home Office have confirmed to the Immigration Law Practitioners Association that this was a drafting error in the form, and all EEA nationals still must first obtain their PR document before making an application for British citizenship.


John Vassiliou

John Vassiliou has worked with McGill and Co since 2010. His experience covers all aspects of UK immigration law, British nationality law, European Union law, the Refugee Convention, and the European Convention on Human Rights.