Form FLR(O), an obituary

For many years Form FLR(O) was the catch-all go-to application form for those seeking to apply to the Home Office for leave in non-PBS categories of the rules, discretionary leave to remain outside of the immigration rules or simply for leave to remain on human rights grounds.  It was short, easy to complete, and crucially allowed applicants the flexibility to state their case in a covering letter attached to the application.

The introduction of Form FLR(FP) and FLR(DL) a few years ago sounded the death knell for FLR(O) however, and it became largely redundant save for use in various obscure categories of leave.  Today it has finally met its end and has been formally withdrawn.

  This image was originally posted to Flickr by Zaqarbal at

This image was originally posted to Flickr by Zaqarbal at

But like Hercules battling the many-headed Hydra, by axing this one form, the Home Office have caused two new forms to sprout in its place: FLR(IR) for application for further leave to remain under 'other' routes under the immigration rules and FLR(HRO) for further leave to remain on non-private and family life grounds (ie any non-Article 8 based human rights claims).

We now seem to be suffering from an FLR form overload and in the FLR form category we have all of the following sprawling application forms to choose from (which still realistically need to be accompanied by a covering letter of submissions), and if we choose poorly, the Home Office will refuse to consider the application under any one of the other routes that may have been more appropriate:

  1. FLR(M) for partners applying on the 5-year route to settlement
  2. FLR(FP) for those applying on the basis of their private and family life (Article 8)
  3. FLR(IR) for those applying under other immigration rule categories not covered by other forms
  4. FLR(HRC) for those making a non-Article 8 human rights claim (eg under Article 2 or 3)
  5. FLR(DL) for those seeking to extend their discretionary leave to remain (but only those who were granted discretionary leave immediately after an application for asylum was refused)
  6. FLR(LR) for those applying based on ten years continuous lawful residence (but not seeking indefinite leave to remain)
  7. FLR(BUS) for representatives of an overseas business or retired persons of independent means
  8. FLR(AF) for the armed forces
  9. FLR(S) for stateless people
  10. FLR(P) for children of refugees

There may be more, but those were all that I could recollect.  Take your pick.  Or do away with them all and bring back Form FLR(O).