13 month waiting time for appeal hearing date at the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) in Glasgow

This is a short post, simply intended to raise awareness of the extent of current waiting times for in-country appeal hearings to be listed at the First-tier Tribunal in Glasgow.

Although it has been well-known amongst practitioners for many months now that the immigration tribunals are faced with a significant backlog (and indeed this was reported in the media back in November) the full extent of this backlog became apparent to me today, having received a Notice of Hearing indicating that an appeal hearing had been listed for my client in October 2016.  My client's appeal was lodged with the Tribunal in September 2015.  That is a waiting time of approximately 7 months just for a Notice of Hearing to be issued and a waiting time of approximately 13 months for an in-country human rights appeal to be heard.  That is of course assuming the appeal is actually listed with a sitting judge and not placed on the dreaded 'float-list' which can often result in adjournment due to lack of time.

Any prospective appellants may wish to consider carefully whether there any viable alternatives to appeal in light of the likely delays that will be faced.

John Vassiliou

John Vassiliou has worked with McGill and Co since 2010. His experience covers all aspects of UK immigration law, British nationality law, European Union law, the Refugee Convention, and the European Convention on Human Rights.