Visit Visas - the new rules

With the publication of yet another statement of changes to the Immigration Rules, HC1025,  comes a new set of rules for visitors to the UK to take effect on 24th April 2015. Appendix V ( page 183 )  sets out the streamlined categories  ( or so it would seem ) to be Standard Visitors, Marriage / Civil Partnership visitors, Permitted paid engagement ( PPE) visitors and those visitors in transit.

Standard visits will be granted leave to enter for a period of 6 months or up to 11 months for those visiting for private medical treatment. Those within the PPE category are permitted entry for a period up to 1 month and Transit Visitors for a period of 48 hours.

As specified in V1.2 a visa national must obtain a visit visa before arrival in the UK ( see appendix 2 ) . A non visa national may apply for a visit visa but is not required to do so unless (a) visiting to marry or to form a civil partnership or (b) seeking to enter for more than 6 months.

Part V4 details the eligibility requirements for standard visitors such as the 'genuine intention to visit', funds maintenance and accommodation and prohibited activities such as work, payment, study ( unless otherwise permitted ) marriage and some additional eligibility requirements.

Part V5 sets out the eligibility requirements for permitted paid engagements Visitors as classified in Appendix 4  (a) - (e). Part V6 provides the eligibility requirements for Marriage or Civil Partnership Visit visas.

So if you are still with me, the devil is in the detail, as ever is to be found buried away in yet another appendix to be found at  Pg 209, Appendix 3 which provides for the permitted activities for all Visitors ( except transit visitors ) . Here we find the specifics regarding general business activities, corporate activities and prospective entrepreneur visitors. Specific business sectors are afforded definitions of permitted activities such as academics, scientists, religious workers, artists and entertainers, sports visitors and those coming for incidental study for a total of up to 30 days on recreational courses ( but not English language training unless at an accredited institution ) .

And there we have it. A new simplified set of Immigration Rules for Visitors !