Same-day service for non-asylum DL extension and settlement applications

People who were granted discretionary leave to remain in the UK (DL) prior to 9 July 2012 on the six-year route to settlement can now have their applications for further leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain processed using the premium same-day service. The Premium Service Centre at Glasgow has confirmed that it will now accept applications for further leave to remain made on form FLR(O) and applications for indefinite leave to remain on form SET(O). It is understood that this service will also be available at the other Premium Service Centres in Belfast, Cardiff, Croydon, Liverpool, Sheffield and Solihull.

It is important to note that this service is only available to applicants who never previously claimed asylum. Any applicants who have been refused asylum and subsequently granted DL must still apply by post using Form DL.

The introduction of same day processing for this type of application is a recent development which may be of particular interest to applicants who wish to avoid their postal application being placed in a long queue with potential delays which can often exceed one year.

Although the same-day service comes at an additional application cost of £400, it may be money well spent in the long term as it has the potential to save the worry, cost, and delay associated with a prolonged postal application process.