Tier 1 Investor Visa changes effective 6th November 2014.

Following upon the report of the Migration Advisory Committee, the level of investment required for the Tier 1 Investor route is to be increased from £1m  to £2m Sterling. Furthermore, the full sums will now need to be invested in the prescribed forms ( share or loan capital in active and trading UK Companies or UK Government bonds ) meaning that there is no longer the accepted utilisation of  25% of funds towards property.

The present provision of sourcing funds from a loan is to be removed.

The 'Top up' of decreased values in investment is to be removed and investors will only be required to purchase additional investments if part of the portfolio of investments are sold thus decreasing the level of initial investment.

For those already in the Investor route, these provisions will not apply with transitional provisions available.

See Para 40 - 54 of statement of changes.