Changes to the Tier 1 ( Entrepreneur) Route

Last week the Home Office announced a statement of changes to the Immigration Rules which contained immediate provisions amending the Rules for potential Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicants. Those who submitted applications in this category prior to the 11th July will be unaffected by the new provisions and will have their applications determined by the rules in force as at 10th July 2014. But for those who were / are here as students or on the post study work route , applications will no longer be considered unless certain circumstances are met , principally those who have already established a business in the UK and can provide sufficient evidence of an active trading concern.

More  specified evidence is also required in support of any application per paragraph 41-SD. See the amended Rules at Appendix A. for the incorporated amendments which are now fully in force.

The amendments also provide that the applicant , in applications from 11th July , must have been continuously engaged in business activity only on their own account.

In announcing the changes, the Minister stated that 'the changes were being made in response to evidence of widespread abuse of the existing provisions and as a result, the changes suspend the provision to switch as before into Tier 1 whilst further investigations of the abuse were being carried out.

It is worth reading the explanatory memorandum  to HC532 Statement of Changes  as it provides alittle more clarity to the changes and saves a fairly torturous tour of the ever expanding Immigration Rules and amendments.