New Chinese Visa scheme to promote UK Business

Following upon calls from various business sectors, the UK Government has finally accepted that there is force in the argument of promoting one stop shop visit visas for Chinese nationals with other countries being considered. In a first of its kind promotion within the EU,  the new 'super service' will enable visit visa's to be issued to Chinese business visitors within 24 hours and for a fee of £600.

Ms Theresa May also announced that there are to be upgrades to the present visa online application process with translations available and even....access to online applications on tablet and mobile!

There are also proposals on the Schengen territory thus far strictly off limits when it comes to the UK. Recognising that many want to travel Europe there has been a pilot scheme in operation allowing for one single application for those coming to the UK also able to travel to Europe. Strating this October, there is a  joint British/Irish Visa Scheme which will allow Chinese visitors to visit both the United Kingdom and Ireland on the same visa.

This Scheme will soon also be introduced in India.

Theresa May speech 16th June 2014.