Priority settlement and spouse cases

As if life was not difficult enough with the imposition of the minimum income threshold and the general over burdensome requirements of Appendix FM, now we discover that Home Office are unaware of the instructions given to applicants using the priority service in the States by Worldbridge, partners of the Border agency operations worldwide. Courier services are required for the transmission of documents used in support of the applications. Directions are that these packages are sent to New York who in turn send them to the priority service in Sheffield, UK. Madness but nevertheless true.

Following over a week of hair tearing trying to track down packages, we have been informed that applications and documents should "now" be sent directly to Sheffield. However in the next clarification, we are nevertheless advised that apparently the system "changed" in May last year.

It has now been accepted by Home Office that they have no dealings with Worldbridge priority service and that contact will be made by them to have the addresses changed on the priority services option.

And for the privilege of this debacle, you only have to pay an extra $300 per application