Spousal entry clearance cases

Utterly frustrated at the continuation of calls from people distraught and confused as to why they are being kept apart from their spouses by the Government's practice it seems of illegal suspension of applications for entry clearance to the UK pending the resolution of the appeal on MM, the appeal concerning the minimum income level threshold for sponsoring spouses. An interesting article appeared in the Scotsman today http://www.scotsman.com/news/lesley-riddoch-immigration-not-the-biggest-issue-1-3291781

highlighting the plight of those cast adrift by the imposition of the financial threshold.

I would simply add that the utter inability of the British Embassy's to clearly, professionally and dutifully consider applications  is an absolute disgrace to the United Kingdom. I routinely see applications suspended for no apparent reason, for inadequate reasoning as to why they are being suspended ( when it is clear that the financial threshold is met ) and for down right failure to consider the evidence accordingly as meeting the said requirements.

It is time that Ms May was taken to account for the actions of her Embassies abroad. There is untold misery in abundance as a result of the actions of this country's immigration practices and application.

As a previous sovereign once said, have a care what you do in my name.......