Guide for Employers of Overseas Nationals

The end of October saw yet another mammoth document issued by UKBA on the matter of employing overseas nationals or otherwise called " full guide for employers on preventing illegal working in the UK" . Extending to some 84 pages, Home Office has updated it guidance and it's list of do's and don'ts. This version of the guidance is to cover changes made with regards to working restrictions for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals which end this year, to address the restrictions for Croatian nationals which came into effect in July and to update guidance on the revocation of a sponsor licence in cases where a civil penalty notice is issued.

There is a useful checklist template at the end of the document for use by employers in document checking and for the annual checks which require to be carried out.

It is actually a useful and essential guide should you have any employees from overseas or even for employees of UK Companies to understand the documentation that will be expected when applying for employment in the UK.