New Rules......again

merry go roundsWe have seen the introduction of further new rules this month adding to an already substantial and never ending list of amendments, changes and additions to the extensive Immigration Rules. There are minor, yet numerous ,changes to the PBS system, changes to the salary thresholds under Tier 2, updates for the codes of practice for skilled workers and requirements in respect of the resident labour market testing and updates for the shortage occupation lists.....and so it continues.

However, to be welcomed are the more significant changes offering hope to many skilled professionals in the Country seeking further leave to remain in specific categories under Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Changes have been made to the Tier 1 ( exceptional talent ) and ( graduate entrepreneur ) categories including allowing any Tier 2 migrant to switch into the Tier 1 ( exceptional talent ) category. And Tier 4 students who successfully complete their PHD to extend their stay for a further year to allow experience to be gained in the chosen field, to find work as a Tier 2 worker or to set up as a entrepreneur.

See HC1039 New rules 6th April 2013