Public Enquiry Office Appointments

Notice was published in the English Law Society Gazette yesterday about alleged queue jumping for UKBA PEO appointments, principally by lawyers which it is alleged has created a vast shortage of appointments. UKBA have complained to the Office of the Immigration Commissioner about Immigration Advisers, which they say includes lawyers, booking appointments which are not required. Whilst the system is no doubt capable of some abuse,  is the real point not actually being missed here? The reason why there is such demand for appointments may not just (and cannot be) due to overbooking of the system by "queue jumping lawyers / advisors" but rather the considerable delays building up at UKBA in the processing of postal applications. People are becoming more aware of the problems associated with excessive waiting times, and this may be leading to greater demand for premium service appointments at the public enquiry offices. Certainly in Scotland, there are at present no difficulties in obtaining appointments at the PEO in Glasgow.