Independent Chief Inspector's Report - UKBA Legacy Backlog

Further to posting the other day, we return again to the report of the Inspector and in particular to the findings regarding so called legacy cases. Mr Vine notes that the legacy cases were far from being concluded, stating specifically that the UKBA had resiled from their aim of concluding these cases by either granting leave or removing:

"As with many of my previous inspections, I identified that customer service outcomes were poor. I found significant opportunities to improve both general correspondence handling and complaints handling."

Mr Vine highlights that the delay caused by the backlog has, and is continuing to have, serious repercussions for those waiting in this system.

The UK Border Agency has arguably misled Parliament declaring last year that all "legacy cases" had been successfully concluded. They have allowed a backlog of 100,000 unopened letters to build up, and have and continue to fail on general and case specific promises to decide cases by set deadlines.

Those of us who have spent years trying to conclude these cases know very well the effect this has on both the individual and the Court system.

Litigation will no doubt continue in the absence of a sensible and pragmatic approach.