Report of the Independent Chief Inspector of UKBA

In a report published last week, the Independent Chief Inspector of UKBA raised some very serious issues of concern at the way in which UKBA purports to manage an effective system of immigration control. Inspections covered matters such as the handling of legacy cases, spot checking controls on various entry clearance posts worldwide, consideration of the standard of appeal representation by the Secretary of State, and complaints against UKBA. The report criticises the Secretary of State for the substantial failings of her departments. In particular, UKBA's treatment of applications it failed to deal with prior to July 2011, including those who were granted discretionary leave to remain as opposed to Indefinite Leave to Remain.  One of the outcomes of this report is that ongoing litigation concerning the duties of the Seceretary of State to effectively manage a backlog of applications, is being adjourned to allow the Secretary of State to reconsider her position in light of the findings.

The Secretary of State has of course responded to the findings in the usual manner. The full report can be found here: