Freedom of movement

The European Commission last week gave the UK 2 months to comply with the rules on freedom of movement of workers and their families or face the European Court. There is not or certainly doesn't seem to be any substantive change to Policy , it being more focused on the realisation of rights which infact exist.

The most important critism is in respect of the failure of the UK to recognise that non EU family members who hold a valid residence card issued by one EU country is permitted to travel together with EU citizens without an entry visa. The UK currently require the non EU national to comply with domestic Immigration Rules to travel to the UK. The Commission will no longer accept the UK's departure from the Directive.

The second important issue concerns healthcare. The UK currently look for private health care insurance as an additional requirement, This is a breach of the Directive says the Commission and the UK is seized to resolve this head of complaint.

We will continue to watch this space....